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Don't Date Buddhists With Guns
Mid-life meet-ups with sex addiction, insanity & spiritual growth.

Don't Date Buddhists With Guns

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About Cemetery Mary

Transformation Into Animation - One Woman's Journey

Transformation Into Animation – One Woman’s Journey

Mary Patrick Kavanaugh started the twenty-first century as an aspiring novelist and regular human being. However, her travels through hard work, hope, rejection, and surrender led her to morph into her alter ego: Cemetery Mary. To become fully animated, she endured hundreds of injections of artificial colors, flavors, and Botox, and is pleased with her youthful appearance as a cartoon character, now impervious to life’s disappointments. (Cartoons always bounce back.)

A writer since the age of eight, Mary’s award winning work has been published in Alligator Juniper, Room of One’s Own, San Jose Mercury News, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Her professional writing has appeared in numerous trade journals. Mary is the 2003 recipient of the nonfiction award from the Soul Making Literary Competition sponsored by the American Pen Women, and winner of a 2004 honorable mention. She was awarded writing fellowships at The David and Julia White Artist Colony, Hedgebrook: Women Authoring Change, and The Vermont Studio Center. Her first novel, Family Plots: Love, Death, and Tax Evasionwas named one of the “Top Ten Holiday Picks” by Indie Reader in More.comWatch the trailer here.

Mary’s early work history ranges from Avon Lady to private investigator. She currently produces interactive educational and creative programs for business, higher education and community organizations, with a focus on practical & positive transformation. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from University of San Francisco, a BA in History from San Francisco State University, good teeth, a perfect daughter, and loving relationships with the living and the dead. Knowing that life and luck can change in an instant, mostly she remembers to find fun and count blessings.