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Don't Date Buddhists With Guns

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Best Use of Next 21 Minutes of Your Life

MLKI have a dream men and women, boys and girls. This dream treats you to an important piece of history in memory of Martin Luther King Jr.. More importantly, it treats you to the most inspiring perspective on fairness and equality in speechmaking history. May we apply it to all of our brothers and sisters — especially those who are denied the same rights and privileges of society that most of us have. If you want to know a bit more about what I’m implying, check out this story. We shall overcome indeed.Marriage

One Response to “Best Use of Next 21 Minutes of Your Life”

  1. Gail Conners Says:

    This speech still thrills me. Martin Luther King is the greatest leader of the 20th Century for me. I like reading letters from a Birmingham jail. Believe me the outrageous treatment of Blacks was not limited to the South.

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