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RELAX. No Pressure, mon…

RelaxThis lifted right from Seth Godin’s blog:

Diablo Cody on the pressure to outdo herself:

So what kind of pressure did you feel, post-Juno, to write something good?

I don’t believe you.
Seriously. How could I possibly? The experience that I had with Juno is something I could never replicate, ever. First of all, you never have your first baby again. Second, the whole production was really charmed from start to finish. I mean, every moment of it was special. And then it culminated in Oscar nominations…I’m so fortunate that I got to have that experience. Now I almost feel this great calm coming over me. I’d be feeling a lot more pressure if I was still striving for that goal.

Sometimes, the work is the work and the goal isn’t to top what you did yesterday. Doing justice to the work is your task, not setting a world record.

Of course I like this because Cemetery Mary has been so busy doing nothing with regards to writing her new book about turning crap into compost. Instead, she is composting, making a living at a day job, walking in the cemetery, eating chocolate, taking pole dancing classes, baking cookies, making whoopie with the new squeeze, visiting the prodigy, nieces and nephews, and lifting wisdom from other peoples blogs.

I like this feeling…the one where one relaxes from the activity of driving goals and getting overly ambitious. It makes it easier to breathe.

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