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All News, No Blues – New Online Publication to Celebrate

happyI know the beloved (by me anyway) Barbara Ehrenreich has just come out with a book trashing the trend toward positive thinking, and she has a point or two or, shoot, even more, to make on this topic (get and read her book). Cemetery Mary, too, is all about embracing the dark side on the way to finding the light (a seed has to have its time to be buried alive, afterall, before bursting into life)…but come on, what is the media obsession with ridiculously depressing news? That’s why I declare the Crap Into Compost Hall of Famer this week to be…All News, No Blues, a publication that captures the weird and wonderful stuff going on right here in my section of the planet. Please check it out here.

2 Responses to “All News, No Blues – New Online Publication to Celebrate”

  1. Donna Mosher Says:

    Hey, Cemetery Mary!

    Have you seen the Good News Network? It’s great, too!

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks, Donna. And what others are out there people? Time for a revolt from the angst filled toxic feed we get….

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