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Don't Date Buddhists With Guns
Mid-life meet-ups with sex addiction, insanity & spiritual growth.

Don't Date Buddhists With Guns

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Want to bury dead dreams, dashed hopes, old habits or grudges? Begin again in 2010?


Nothing Holding Me Back!

A New Year’s Eve 2009 Funeral Party and

January 2, 2010 Resurrection Workshop

Ready to let go of the old and bring in the new? Cemetery Mary and the visionary Resurrection Rai are going to reunite to put the “fun” back into funerals this New Year’s Eve and January 2 for a two-part transformational event, NOTHING HOLDING ME BACK!, which you can attend “live” or via webcast. On New Year’s Eve we will hold an open casket funeral so you can dump dead dreams, dashed hopes and disappointments — leave the dang things in 2009. On January 2, Resurrection Rai will guide us inward to discover what our spirits have in store for our growth and excitement in 2010. So save those dates, sign up for the mail list, Facebook, Twitter, whatever you can find on this site…and we will get you your special invitation. Times and locations to be announced.

Start thinking about what you are ready, willing, wanting, or being forced to let go of and STOP RESISTING. You’re going to need to make room for the good stuff that’s coming…

Rest in peace and good humor,

Cemetery Mary

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