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When Ego Isn't Evil, It Often Comes Packaged as Colbert…

images-2Newsweek has gotten mighty clever jazzing up interest in their magazine this past few weeks — first by attacking Oprah while putting her popular face on their cover. And now they’ve snagged Stephen Colbert, the one and only fake right-wing egomaniac political pundit, as guest editor of this week’s issue on Iraq. Mr. Colbert holds a permanent place in the Compost Heap Hall of Fame, by using his immense heart and brain for good, not evil. He’s doing his part to draw attention to the fact that we are still in a war with Iraq. “I know what you’re thinking,” said Colbert. “Isn’t the war over?…We stopped seeing much coverage of the Iraq War back in September when the economy tanks, and I just figured the insurgents were wiped out because they were heavily invested in Lehman Brothers.”


People are accusing Newsweek of doing this as a publicity stunt. Uh. Like that’s a bad thing? We know Cemetery Mary loves a great publicity stunt. Especially when it raises awareness about important topics of our time, and ties that in with a few laughts. GO NEWSWEEK. GO COLBERT. AND GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS.

Can’t say the issue attacking Oprah was worth the investment, but this one is.

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