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Don't Date Buddhists With Guns
Mid-life meet-ups with sex addiction, insanity & spiritual growth.

Don't Date Buddhists With Guns

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What does online dating have to do new homes and hormones?

Well, I’ll tell you. Having BOLDLY (after a few panic attacks) launched an online dating campaign for that next certain someone, I was doing the requisite online background check of a potential suitor and stumbled across some work he was doing for Habitat for Humanity. Honesty, Cemetery Mary has been so inundated with tragic stories of home foreclosures and tanking sales prices, she didn’t know that anything happy at all was occuring in the housing market. But how about this folks: Habitat built twenty homes in four days last month in the East Bay–making twenty families very happy. Please watch their spirited YouTube — all seven minutes — to remind yourself that things could not possibly be falling apart when people and communities come together in service. images2And though this potential love squeeze is not in this video, knowing he is building these home for people–what do you think ladies? Should I put the spell on him? Or is it too late–has all his do-gooding landed the spell on me? Something about all those tool belts and smiling faces has a effervescent effect on my hormone house. Click below to find out what they are up to. Really…  Check it out! 

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