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Increased memory loss got you worried?

I wandered into the crowded living room in my brother’s swanky new coastal home where an Alzheimer’s doc was addressing the crowd, talking about steps we can take to reduce our risks of the disease. But listening was impossible because I was desperately trying to remember the name of a nice man sitting in the front row. I’d met him on countless occasions, talked to him recently, laughed at his jokes, made plans to meet his new fiancé, and traded phone numbers. What the hell was his name? Why does this happen to me so often? If forty-seven is too young for Alzheimers, did that Botox brow shot numb out my name retention section?

A few days earlier my friend Abeer said she was hanging out with some college buddies. One told a story about a wild dorm party and the third laughed saying, “That’s so funny. Where’d you go to college?”

The others stared at her dumbfounded. “With you,” they said.

OH. Yeah.

And that woman was only in her mid-thirties.

images-2So what’s up with our brains these day? After doing some research by watching this crazy scary video, I’ve decided it’s not memory loss at all. We are suffering from information overload combined with an insatiable addiction to get more data, more quickly, and more often. I’m always accessing email, voicemail, new music, google, newsfeeds, blogs, television, netflix, Facebook, Twitter…where does all this static go?

With the onslaught of data bombs heaved at us from every sector of technociety, some of the most basic brain information is getting vaporized.  Did you know there are five times more words in the English language now than there were in Shakespere’s time? Or that a week’s worth of content in The New York Times contains more information than a person was likely to come across in a lifetime in the 18th century? No wonder I find myself impatient when someone wants me to watch a Youtube that exceeds two minutes (like I keep expecting people to do with the links in this blog).

I don’t have that kind of time when there is SO MUCH MORE INFORMATION I MUST OBTAIN NOW.

But watch this, because it’s funny. And true. 

And it  just may remind you to relax a little bit.

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